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Differences between the types of furniture depending on their raw material

When we are buying furniture, we see that most of them look like wood, but there are so many price variations between similar products.

This difference in the price is due to the boards used for their composition. Usually, bathroom furniture can be of three types: natural wood, board covered with natural veneer or melamine.

Next, we will explain some peculiarities depending on the material used.

  • Solid wood furniture.

This furniture use natural wood as the main element. We always have to be sure that it comes from legal forests.

Mainly, these wooden furniture’s are used for a rustic style. Cherry tree, walnut, oak are used to create a classic style and pine for a Nordic style.

Due the fact that it is a high-quality product with 100% natural materials and the handling of these products is practically handmade by carpenters and cabinetmakers, the price of this products is usually high.

  • Wood veneer furniture.

They are what we usually call wooden furniture. These are made from chipboard or MDF covered with wood veneer.

These furniture has a lower price than the wooden ones, but higher than the melamine ones. Since higher quality boards are used. Also, the manufacturing process is more complex than melamine, since you have to sand, apply color, sand and then finish. In this way, as veneer is a natural product, the end result is a more elegant product with better quality and durability.

  • Melamine furniture.

Melamine coated chipboards are mainly used. Although there are many different qualities, the price is much more affordable than the other we talk before, because the raw material used is cheaper besides to the fact that the manufacturing cost is lower. But in the beginning they are usually copies of wood veneer furniture. Boards and ironwork of less quality this also reduce this reduces its price.

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6 Good Reasons to Buy Wooden Furniture

Don’t know what kind of furniture to buy? Buying furniture is not a simple task! The market is saturated with a huge variety of furniture styles, materials and designs.

There is no doubt that wood has been one of the favorite materials for making furniture for a long time in every corner of the world. However, even though to this day they continue to be the protagonists, more and more people are opting for synthetic woods and laminates at cheaper prices.

So why buy wooden furniture? Next, we give you 6 good reasons.

Advantages of wooden furniture

We have to begin saying that not all the wood are the same. It’s depends mainly on the tree of origin. But in any case, all solid woods offer a number of advantages.

1. Resistance.

The advantage of solid wood is its resistance. Wooden furniture is very resistant to impacts and will be preserved for many years with the same appearance. This furniture can last several generations and retain the same appearance. This furniture can last several generations and retain the same appearance as when it was purchased. So you know, taking good care of a wooden furniture, it can last a lifetime.

2. Warmth.

We all love coming home and feeling the natural warmth of the atmosphere of our decoration. Without a doubt, one of the main advantages of wood is that it is a very warm and welcoming material. And although that feeling of warmth can also be obtained with synthetic materials that imitate wood, in no case will it is the same as that obtained with solid wood.

3. Ecological material.

The wood furniture came from nature; it is not treated with chemicals compounds and the finishing process is delicate and requires handling techniques that no all companies can work with. In Banium we have Bathforte furniture, manufacture of natural wood furniture from cycling economies.

Natural wood has a lower carbon footprint and is therefore better for the environment than many other materials. In addition, it can be recycled.

4. Humidity.

A lot of people don’t know this, but solid wood furniture is excellent humidity regulator. This is because the material can breathe; the pores are no covered by substances. If there is a lot of humidity in the environment, the wooden furniture will absorb some of it while releasing the stored humidity if the climate is dry.

5. Cleaning.

Although they require some care to keep them in good condition for a long time, cleaning and caring for solid wood furniture is not a complicated task.

6. Timelessness.

As the time goes by and design concepts gest updated, natural wood never goes out of styles. And it is an elegant material for finishing furniture and they usually combine perfectly with almost all types of environments.


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Types of finishes for rustic bathrooms that you will find in our collections

Choosing a good finish for your bathroom furniture is essential if you want to create unique spaces, in which you can feel comfortable.

Bathforte, make every effort to have finishes that are in the latest fashion, that adapt to the taste of each client and that of course withstand the conditions that occur in this space of your home: humidity produced by water, wear from bumps and scratches that may occur, etc.

For them, we have created two lines of finishes, which we can be applied to any of our products.

What finish best suits the bathroom furniture of your dreams?

Translucent finish

It is a type of stain with a watercolor effect that is applied directly to the wood, after having given it a treatment to improve its durability.
As it is a stain applied directly to natural wood, the grain of it can be glimpsed creating a unique effect.

Regarding its functionality, it stands out for its great resistance to being damaged over time, as it is capable of withstanding strong blows without them being appreciated.

From an aesthetic point of view, if you like it to be seen that your furniture is made of wood, this is your finish: the delicacy and naturalness of its veins combined with our colors make it ideal for modern bathrooms. In addition, due to our wide range of translucent finishes, they can be combined in any type of space, regardless of their color, textures, materials, etc.

Lacquered finish

The lacquered finish, on the other hand, is done by applying an acrylic paint directly on the furniture that creates a uniform color effect. Thanks to this treatment, we will find furniture that has a great resistance to light wear and that is capable of being exposed to light without hardly changing its hue.

As for the aesthetic part, the matt lacquered finishes and the wide range of colors that we have will allow you to choose the furniture that best suits your personality and your home.

At Bathforte, we strive to offer the customer differentiated products so that they can create a dream place in the bathroom.

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At present almost every furniture we found on the market are made of Melanin, on the other hand Bathforte is one of the few Spanish companies who bets for the manufacture of wooden furniture. To understand the difference between wood or melanin products, the fundamental is to understand what material is based on. When we talk of solid wood, we talk about noble furniture and what we like to show off. Therefore, this is why we demand that the wood used for the manufacture of this furniture is wood from trees felled in sustainable forests. This is the attractive of Bathforte Furniture, because all the wood used for the made of your furniture has the PEFF certification, which certifies that the wood comes from controlled and sustainable forests. There are many types of wood who came from different trees; some of them are pines, walnuts, oaks and beech The most used wood is the pine because their veins and bend are specific of a rustic style, even if it is a yielding wood. The cost of these planks is superior to anyone seen until the date. This is because we talk of 100% natural wood obtained directly from the trees.


Nowadays, most furniture is made of chipboard or MDF covered with a melanine foil (synthetic material). We will explain what chipboard is and what MDF is, to understand the differences between both laminated bases.


The chipboard is made of wood chips and scraps that are obtained mainly from the waste produced by brushing the trees to transform them into wooden planks. These chips, together with glues and more additives, are mixed to form a paste that is then poured into molds, which are pressed using plates until the liquid part is evacuated, leaving homogeneous boards as results. The boards are of low cost, since their raw material is very economical since it results from the use of waste and their manufacture is very simple.

MDF boards

These types of boards are made in a very similar way to chipboard, this is because it is also obtained from tree waste by brushing them, but the main difference is that the paste which is realized from chips and tree waste is so much homogeneous. The chips are crushed to improve the uniformity of the base material, then the shredding is carried out, which eliminates the lignin that the wood has and finally resins are added and applying heat and pressure, a much more compact board is obtained. Therefore heavier and more homogeneous that gives it much more hardness, resistance to humidity. It is especially suitable for lacquers due to its homogeneity, smooth finish; it can be cut and milled directly without the need for veneering or solidifying. It is also unchangeable to different temperatures, which prevents the lacquer from cracking. The quality of chipboard and the MDF will vary for many reason one of them are resin, glues and pressure used to make the board. The pressure is the most important thing when we determinate the quality of the board, for higher pressure, the greater compaction, requiring a greater amount of raw material and therefore the density increases, thereby achieving greater hardness Theses boards are of average costs, since the volume of material required is greater than the chipboard and the process is more complex.